Sony Vlogging Cameras: Which Is Right For You?


Nick Brigadier compares the Sony ZV-1F, ZV-1, and ZV-E10 to help you decide which one would work best for you. Each camera has its pros and cons, depending on your subject matter and your skill level. Beginner content creators will especially love the ZV-1F and ZV-1, since they are both a step up from your smartphone, while remaining compact.

For more seasoned creators, the ZV-E10 allows you to change your lens for even more flexibility. However, all three vlog cameras have features that streamline the content creation process, such as Background Defocus and Product Showcase modes, in-body stabilization, tack-sharp AF, and much more.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:31 - What They Have in Common
  • 3:02 - ZV-1F
  • 3:56 - ZV-1
  • 5:40 - ZV-E10
  • 7:04 - How to Choose
  • 8:31 - Final Thoughts