Small to No Crew Production with Jem Schofield of theC47


In this B&H Event Space video, Jem Schofield, founder of the production company and educational resource the C47, walks you through the challenges of and effective solutions to film production as a solo endeavor or with a small crew.

While film production equipment has gotten better and less expensive in recent years, the size of film crews have shrank. Companies are building small in-house production teams to create ongoing and high-quality content for their web and social media outlets, and corporate video production companies have also changed in terms of their structure and resources. Most significant, clients expect higher quality content for the same or less money.

In addition to demonstrating specific equipment ideally suited to smaller crew production, including companies such as Triad-Orbit (T-O), for lighting / audio support and grip solutions, and Westcott for lighting and light shaping tools, Schofield discusses the big picture of modern digital camera systems from a technical standpoint. He addresses the realities of production from today into the future, focusing on the tough transitions from standard resolution to full HD to 4K acquisition, post and delivery.

After watching, you’ll have a better grasp of how to seek out solutions, as well as how to be more efficient on set when working alone or with a smaller crew.