Rokinon Wide Angle Cinema Lenses


In this video, Mia McCormack takes a look at three wide-angle cine prime lenses from Rokinon designed for APS-C sized sensors. It covers the manual focus design, lens mount compatibility, and the cinema features of each lens, including the stepless aperture ring, 0.8 pitch lens gears, and T-stop measurements. The first two lenses Mia showcases are the Sony E-Mount versions of the 8mm T3.1 Fisheye lens, with a super-wide 180 degree angle of view yielding a fisheye barrel distortion, and the 10mm T3.1 lens, with a 110 degree angle of view without heavy distortion. Lastly, the EF-mount 12mm T2.2 lens is presented, with a focus on its wide maximum aperture, roughly 99-degree angle of view, and optical construction with three ED and two aspherical elements. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at



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Thanks for this review, I have been looking at the 10mm vs 12mm cine lens for my BMPCC M43 camera for some time and really wanted to see them compared. Your review should mention that the 10mm does not have a removable lens hood, so no ND or UV filter thread. BTW I have decided the 12mm is more to my needs.