Manual vs Autofocus for Video: Which Should You Use?


Should you use manual focus or autofocus when shooting video? Using the Canon C70, Nick Brigadier tests various shots, such as the whip pan and tracking shot, to see which type of focus provides better results.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:40 - Test 1
  • 3:27 - Test 2
  • 5:38 - Test 3
  • 7:43 - Test 4
  • 9:26 - When to Use Auto vs. Manual Focus


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Here is a great use for manual focus.  I have photographed motorcycle rides in various events and some I have included the motorcycle parts such as handlebars and wind screen and others just on the area and motorcycles ahead also involved in the rude event.  I like seeing my bike more as it leans through turns, etc.  To get the greatest depth of field and not auto focus just on my bike parts in the foreground go to manual focus and turn the focus ring until infinity just appears in the viewfinder.  Everything is in focus and I have experienced amazing depth of field.