Kodak Super 8 Camera: The Best of Analog & Digital


The Kodak Super 8 camera combines analog film with modern tech, making it easier than ever to shoot on 8mm film. Follow along as Nick Brigadier and Dave Moncion take this camera out for a spin.

  • 0:00 - Main Specs
  • 0:48 - Lenses and LCD Screen
  • 1:52 - Menu System
  • 2:15 - Filmstock, Presets, and FPS
  • 3:12 - Extended Gate and Resolution
  • 3:35 - Sound and Connectivity
  • 4:10 - For Whom Is this Camera?

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I spent my formative years making Super 8 movies, so I was especially interested in seeing how Kodak could bring the format into the digital age. I love the LCD preview screen, sound to SD card and output to an external monitor. The deal breaker for me, though, is the lack of single-frame shooting and a plunger-cable input for taking one frame at a time. Without them, doing real object animation (a.k.a. stop action shooting) is impossible. Alas, the Eumig home movie camera in my closet still has the capacity to make Matchbox cars come alive and billiard balls dance. Alas, at least in directing a cast of inanimate objects, the old analog film format is still more empowering.