How to Make a Cinemagraph: 5 Tips, with Jennifer O'Brien


Have you ever wanted to learn how to animate a picture or make an endless looping photo? Jennifer O’Brien shows you how to create cinemagraphs.

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I agree with the others. Most annoying! I'd really like an answer to the reason for doing this. I fail to see any reason for not looking at the person you're speaking to. Eye to eye contact is very important. When people don't look at me while talking I feel they are either lying or they're being deceitful in some way.

HI Jennifer,  Love your energy and your ideas! Thank you. Super creative.  I, too, do not understand why you are talking to the straight on camera--but most of the time we are getting a side angle of you.  It's distracting and not natural. You wouldn't be looking away from me if I were in the room and you were giving me advice.  I am the viewer (and customer) you are supposed to be communicating with --- so why are you looking at someone else. I'm over here!  lol

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is so special about having the subject of a video talking to someone else who isn't standing anywhere near me.  The presenter is talking to someone else...but I wish the person was talking TO ME.  Please get rid of that technique.  It's disconcerting and pretty much not helpful.............

I 100% agree with Henry S. W.  This technique seems to be very popular right now in television advertising, also.  To me, it is very annoying and distracting.  If I am your audience, look at me instead of looking off to the side.  I stopped paying attention a few moments into this video for this very reason!

This is the first interview I've seen that is shot completely with the interviewee looking off camera.  Iv's seen some that switch from a straight on view to off camera but this is just bizarre. I don't get the 'ground level camera' shots either. 

Thanks for your feedback, Vance R. We will keep this in mind for future productions.