Find your Groove with the Weebill-2, from Zhiyun-Tech


Are you ready for Zhiyun-Tech’s latest gimbal? Well, get ready, because it is the WEEBILL-2, ready to help you create stable, smooth moves with cameras weighing up to 7.3 pounds. Building on the popular WEEBILL LAB and WEEBILL-S designs, the WEEBILL-2 is an evolution in functionality with an integrated 2.88" flip-out touchscreen for monitoring and adjustments, so you no longer need to use your smartphone for monitoring and setup.

Weebill-2 with Sling Grip Handle
Weebill-2 with Sling Grip Handle
Weebill-2 with Tripod
Weebill-2 with Tripod

But the evolution doesn’t stop with just what you can see. The WEEBILL-2 features a new UI design and an Infineon sensor that improves the gimbal’s performance for smoother, more responsive movements as you follow the action or create cinematic shots.

With approximately 9 hours of run time on each full charge, the WEEBILL-2 can help you create smooth cinematic shots without worrying about running out of power. Plus, it supports PD charging, which means you can charge the gimbal to up to 25% capacity in only 20 minutes, limiting downtime for recharging. Additionally, 50% charge takes only 40 minutes, and 75% takes an hour, with a full charge taking only 1.5 hours.

Weebill-2 Combo Kit

You can get the WEEBILL-2 by itself, or customize it to fit your shooting style and needs by choosing from one of the following kits: the Special Edition, with an additional tripod and carry case; the Combo Kit, with Sling Grip Handle and carry case; and the Pro Kit, which includes a wireless transmitter, a focus/zoom motor, and a Sling Grip, and while you are at it, don’t forget to check out these additional accessories for your WEEBILL-2 from Zhiyun-Tech.

Anyway you slice it, the WEEBILL-2 is a big step forward in the WEEBILL lineup, and worth checking out.

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Nice review Jake! Would love to see it reviewed head to head against the DJI RS2 and see if it's an all around better buy. They seem pretty neck and neck at this point. I like the extra handle, but can it be repositioned to be on the side? I like the T-bar handles available for the Ronin in my experience.

Thanks, Daniel B.! We think the handle can be repositioned since the accompanying literature states the Weebill-2 supports "Single-Press Portrait Mode." This will require further investigation. We appreciate your feedback and questions. 

Well done Jake, I have the Original “Zhiyun - Crane 2” and looking to upgrade. I appreciate the effort gone into producing this video. The WEEBILL2 Combo Pro kit  is tempting, I see how the savings/spendings account goes by Christmas 👍🏻

We agree! New technology is always tempting, and we hope the accounts balance to your advantage by the holidays. Thanks for your kind words; it's good to have our efforts recognized.