B&H Prospectives: Drone Cinematography with Randy Scott Slavin


Cinematographer Randy Scott Slavin discusses his experience being a DP using drones, with B&H Prospectives. He explains how he got into drone shooting, beginning with a skateboard video, and puts into perspective the reservations many people have about drone safety. Slavin also offers tips on getting great shots all while keeping crew and bystanders safe. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




I'd like to hear from B&H if this gentleman has the currently required FAA Section 333 exemption? Hecan say: "have to be careful, have to know the rules blah blah blah" but how responsible is it to ignore the present rules setforth by the FAA? He might have one but it wasn't mentioned at all. The rules are if you are using a drone for commercial purposes (paid or not) you must be a certified pilot with current medical. That means you must have a license to fly a plane (and not a toy one).

So B&H what's the story. Does he have a pilots license or not. If not stop promoting him and his illegal activity.

I've been shooting aerials both still and video for several years. One of my images travelled with DJI across the world with the SkyPixel exhibition. I was all set up to do it commercially until I found out about having a pilots license. I put the brakes on real fast because I didn't want to be the FAA Posterboy for naughty drone pilots and risk being prosecuted.

Before you promote a video like this you need to qualify it by stating whether or not the people flying commercailly have the proper certification and what those entail.

Great video- Randy puts out some great stuff.  Though... a little feedback- watch that horizon line!  As a fellow operator the tilted horizon on a couple shots just killed me!  (first shot on the beach)

Everett is wrong.  It's not illegal to fly at any airport as long as you have a COA or agreement with the airport operator.

Part 107 is anticipated to drop next month with an implementation date in July.  FAA is notorious for delay but here's crossing our fingers.  333's will still have applicability for ops outside the parameters of 107.  

EVERETT LOEFFLER JR It is illegal to fly the drone at ANY airport, ANY federal property included the KENNDY SPACE CENTER, if you are allowed to fly the drone is usually to ask someone that own their property like a VERY BIG property.  If you you are flying other people property that they know you and it is better for you to call them so they know you are allowed to flying a drone over there or otherwise they would call the police for if you don't ask the neighbors. The neighbor's could call the police VERY EASY if they see the drone for if you ask them that's they know you. DO NOT fly over ANY theme parks included DISNEY LAND, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SEAWORLD but they would call the police MUCH the same way as ANY neighbor's do at their as no matter the sizes of their home from tiny home up to a mega-mansion by them too loking out of the windows

I agree that Drones can help too much to videographers. His use should only matter to the filmmakers. There are many rules that should not exist, in addition, rules were made to be violated.

Carlos, the attitude that rules are made to be broken is what ruins this for those who uphold them...  Break them and ruin it for everyone...  Don't fly around me

For us legal UAV companies that follow the rules, why are we held more accountable than the illegal operators? It's a slap in the face. We've invested a ton of money for a pilots license, exemptions, COAs, lawyers, etc., only to be able not to fly. I don't get the system.