A New Pair of Lenses from DZOFilm


Once again, DZOFilm delivers new options for high-production-value cinematography, and we at B&H Photo are excited to announce the two new full-frame zoom lenses in the DZOFilm Catta series. Available in white and suitable for narrative, commercial, live, and documentary filmmaking, these cinema-style  interchangeable-mount zoom lenses are available in Canon RF, Leica L, Sony E, Fuji X, and Nikon Z mounts, allowing you to swap  mounts and mount them natively on most cameras that support full-frame sensors. The optical and mechanical advantages of the Catta lenses will please cinematographers, focus pullers, and producers alike, and they are available as a single 35 to 80mm lens, 70 to 135mm lens, or as a two-lens kit. The mounts will be available separately, allowing you to expand your kit as needed.

DZOFilm Catta series 70 to 135mm lens
DZOFilm Catta series 70 to 135mm lens
DZOFilm Catta series 35 to 80mm lens
DZOFilm Catta series 35 to 80mm lens

With a 43.5mm image circle and covering 35 to 80mm and 70 to 150mm, the lenses provide a consistent look from wide to long for full-frame image capture, meaning less time worrying about finding matching primes, quickly covering the scene with minimal lens changes—and you can use these lenses on intimate interiors, as well as studio sets and exteriors without compromise.

The T2.9 maximum aperture is consistent throughout the zoom range across both lenses, meaning no relights just to get proper exposure when punching in for close-ups, freeing you to make creative decisions. The optical and iris designs create smooth, natural bokeh that helps draw your audience into the story, and won’t distract from interview shots when making documentaries. The gradual focus shift will help your focus pulls go unnoticed, and the long focus throw will help your focus puller acquire and hit precise focus marks, while the flexible-mount system will appeal to anyone who has more than one camera on which they want to use these lenses.

Have you used DZOFilm lenses? Once youv’e tried the new Catta series of zoom lenses, share your experiences and thoughts in the Comments section, below.

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Interesting lenses. I'd like to see the flare performance and prominence of CAs. 

Not sure how you can call it a cinema zoom and not offer it in PL mount???