Posted 01/30/18
In this B&H Event Space video, wedding photographers Laibel and Chana Schwartz show you how to create great portraits in less than desirable environments, allowing you to come away with happy customers, as well as elements for a noteworthy portfolio. During this presentation, the Schwartzes discuss the seven techniques they use to produce beautiful portraiture in any setting, despite tacky backgrounds. Learn their tips for finding your happy spot, thinking outside your box, changing your perspective, styling things yourself, or even hitting the road and leaving the event hall. After watching, you’ll walk away with the tools in your pocket to create images that transcend their origin and come alive in your camera.
Posted 02/14/18
In this B&H Event Space video, photographer Joey Quintero walks you step-by-step through how to assemble the network of creatives who are essential to executing a successful fashion photo shoot. To give you a practical behind-the-scenes experience, he brings along some people with whom he regularly works—a fashion stylist, and a professional hair and make-up artist—who get right to work readying the model for the set. Once the makeup and styling are complete, Quintero leads the group through a posing session using a variety of different light modifiers, with live commentary as changes are made. As they work, you will hear input and suggestions from various participants, revealing the real-world processes involved in making a fashion shoot a success.
Posted 08/14/17
Here's a video aimed directly at so many of today's inexperienced digital SLR owners—you've owned a nice camera for while and want to move past totally automatic, green-zone shooting. But how do you make the move?  Even a study of shutter speeds and apertures alone doesn’t necessarily connect all the dots. How do you make intelligent and thoughtful choices in camera settings? In this video, Canon USA’s Rudy Winston gives you guidance to do exactly that. This is more than just understanding what a shutter speed is. Winston shows you how to take that preliminary understanding and translate it into the thought process an experienced photographer might use to get the right camera settings and the results they're hoping for. Using excellent sample images and clear on-screen graphics, this B&H Event Space video will give you the information and visual "push" you may need to move past the full auto green shooting mode, and begin to explore more creative photography with your camera.
Posted 06/21/17
Documentary photography is an exercise in the art of observation: paying attention to the spontaneous theater of the streets and capturing moments that tell stories. In this presentation from B&H’s 2017 Optic Conference, Steve Simon shares the wisdom he has gleaned from a lifetime of wandering the streets and urban spaces with his camera. Using examples from his own career, as well as the work of other photographers, Simon elaborates on his shooting philosophy, while discussing gear choices and shooting techniques to help you raise your game. Featured among the advice he shares are ways to improve your response time, tips for approaching strangers to make street portraits, as well as options for maximizing image sharpness and nailing the shot. As Simon points out, a photographic style is not something you create, it’s something that’s revealed in the volume of pictures you make over time. During this lecture, he offers you the encouragement to try new things by getting out of your comfort zone, inspiring you to capture lyrical, poetic and decisive moments that communicate the energy around you.
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