Posted 05/05/20
Maria gives an at-home stop-motion tutorial for beginners, using her camera, Adobe Premiere, and lots of candy! Don't feel limited by gear, though; you can achieve similar results using something as simple as a cell phone and the editing software of your choice. Have fun and share your experiences in the Comments section below. Also check out these other  At-Home videos  for more ways to help you stay creative at home.
Posted 01/16/20
We're going over Premiere Pro basics, aka workflow hacks, for optimizing Premiere to speed up workflow and get more jobs. From keyboard shortcuts, to changing Premiere’s shortcuts, to organizing footage, Jake has Adobe Premiere Pro tips for editing faster and more efficiently! Learn more Premiere Pro CC Editing Tips:- How To EDIT FASTER- Fix Video Lag with Proxy Editing- How to Edit Audio: Audio for Video, Part 6- How to Fix Your Audio in Post Production: Audio for Video, Part 7
Posted 07/29/19
In this sixth video in our audio-for-video series, AB gives us a simple introduction to post-production, highlighting the different steps of treating your audio once you’re finished shooting your video. From naming your files correctly to thinking about your final output levels, this video will give you a general sense of the common practices used to get your audio sounding just right. Check it out! If you would like to continue reading about the Audio for Video series, be sure to check out all of our related content here. If you have any additional questions, comments, or you would like to make a request, be sure to leave a message down below.
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