Saramonic Ups Its Game with the Blink 500 Pro B2


A.B. takes a look at the Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2, a wireless lavalier microphone system and an upgrade to the original Blink 500 series. With built-in OLED displays, better mics, and extended range, this is a great wireless mic system for YouTube videos, livestreaming, or a variety of other recording applications!

How do you see yourself using the Blink 500 Pro B2? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below, then click here to learn more about this wireless lav mic at B&H Explora.



Hi in the review, A.B. says (around 3:35) that the mic jack on the transmitters provides "plug in power" to mics. However, my Countryman B3's worked with the original Blink 500 (not pro), but do not work with the new upgraded Pro version. Any idea why this might be the he case? 

Both the lav that comes with the 500 pro and the Countryman have are TRS 3.5mm. The Countryman requires phantom power so I was really surprised and happy that the worked with the old Blink 500. But I'm really disappointed that they do not work with the new version. 

Also I can't find anywhere except this review that the mic inputs provide plug in power on the 500 Pro transmitters. So any idea what my Countryman b3's would work with the old Blink 500 and not the Pro versions?

Please advise. Thanks much.

Hi Jack - 
Per Saramonic:
Mic or Line, It’s All Fine
As an added unique and amazing feature, the Blink 500 Pro TX transmitters also allow you to transmit microphone-level or line-level signal wirelessly and provides plug-in power to microphones. This makes the system tremendously versatile allowing you to connect it to virtually any audio source. You can use the included SR-M1 lavalier or plug in a mini-shotgun microphone, you can add a headset microphone, or a higher-end lavalier. Just about any 3.5mm microphone wired for standard TRS pin-out will work and adjustable mic gain lets you get perfect levels every time. Switch the TX transmitters to line-level and connect them to mixers, music players, or any line-level device output you want to transmit wirelessly to the receiver.  (

Question, are there any recorders that will allow you to split the audio like a DSLR does into 1 mic on the left and 1 on the right channel? 

Hi Kye - 

Tascam DR-100mkIII 2-Input / 2-Track Portable Audio Recorder with Onboard 4-Mic Array


Key Features

  • Sound Design & Live Music Recording
  • Onboard 4-Microphone Array
  • 3.5mm, XLR-1/4" & Digital Inputs
  • Stereo Safety Track Record Mode
  • Records in WAV up to 192 kHz
  • 3.5mm Line & Headphone Outputs
  • Dedicated Quick-Access Controls
  • Li-Ion & AA Dual-Battery Structure
  • Supports SDXC Cards up to 128GB
  • Dual High-Performance A/D Converters

    For demanding sound design and live music recording applications, the Tascam DR-100mkIII portable handheld recorder is capable of capturing two tracks of audio at up to 192 kHz with no external microphones required. Its onboard 4-mic array features omnidirectional and shock-mounted unidirectional microphones for optimal reproduction of ambience-heavy or dry sound sources. Equally adept as a handheld device and in stand- or camera-mounted setups, the DR-100mkIII can handle anything from tracking live concerts to recording audio for sound effects libraries and video.

    Flexible powering methods—batteries, USB bus power, or an AC adapter—make the DR-100mkIII well suited to on-the-go recording and all-day video shoots. Its dual-battery structure utilizes an internal rechargeable 12-hour battery and two AA batteries (available separately) to deliver prolonged operating time.


    Need to patch in external mics or an outboard mixer? The DR-100mkIII's two balanced XLR-1/4" inputs accommodate mic- or line-level signals (even +4 dBu from professional consoles) and can supply phantom power if needed. Plus, there are two 3.5mm input jacks (one analog and one digital) that allow you to route signal from a lavalier mic or a digital media player. Whether you use the built-in mics or an external source, dual high-performance A/D converters, low-noise preamps, and a variety of selectable modes and settings empower you with options for achieving pristine, detailed, and undistorted recordings.

How does this compare to the UwMIC9 UHF mic system?

Hi Allen - 
It actually compares quite well considering its low price and comparatively compact form factor. What the Blink 500 Pro B2 yields to the UwMic9 is the ability to accept mic or line inputs, three selectable levels of wireless transmission power and 96 Auto-Scan frequencies to find the cleanest available.