Quick Look: Tascam Portacapture X8


Jake Estes takes a quick look at the Tascam Portacapture X8 High-Resolution Multi-Track Handheld Recorder, featuring a large touchscreen, 32-bit float resolution to avoid clipping, and tailored modes for music, field, podcast, ASMR, and other voice-recording applications. 

What are some of the feature you appreciate about this handheld recorder? List them in the Comments section, below. 



Will a 1 TB storage card be reformatted to the max usable storage for the X8 , and work?

What are the methods of moving the files off the X8 ?

What is the preferred software to post production ?

Is there software to subtract one track from the other ?

Is there a built-in track that combines all other 8 tracks ?

Okay- how much storage per minute is 8 Tracks , at 32 bit,  at.192 k ????????

Plus it can do a backup track at several combinationsmall of tracks,frequencys, bit. How much storage that take each minute?

The "AK-BT1" Bluetooth,  can you transfer files with Bluetooth?

Hi Louis - 

File format (recording setting):
Card capacity (32GB):
20kbps MP3 (stereo): 44.1kHz: 222:13 (hours: minutes)
16-bit WAV (stereo):   50:23
24-bit WAV (stereo): 96kHz: 15:25
4-bit WAV (stereo): 192kHz:   7:42
2-bit float WAV (stereo): 192kHz: 5:47

The recording times shown above are estimates. They might differ depending on the microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC card in use. p The recording times shown above are not continuous recording times, but rather they are the total possible recording times for the microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC card. p If recorded in mono, maximum recording times will be about double those above. p If using dual recording, maximum recording times will be about half those above.