How to Improve Your Sound When Shooting Video with an iPad or iPhone


With the growing popularity of using iPads and iPhones to record video, more and more people are running into the same problem - how to get good sound. While the camera is great and the built-in mic is probably fine for phone calls and FaceTime, videographers demand more professional options. In this video, Rob from B&H takes us through some third-party audio solutions to consider, from entry-level consumer up to ENG-grade professional gear. The video explores both wireless systems like the Azden WMS-PRO+I and Sennheiser EW 100 G3 as well as hard-wire options including the Polsen MO-PL1 and Rode VideoMic GO.

Since the mic input on the iPad and iPhone wasn't designed for pro audio gear, the video also explores some adapters and mounts to consider when rigging up your mic, and delves into the issues of audio monitoring. Do you monitor through the iPad/iPhone and live with delay or monitor through your audio equipment—assuming it has a headphone out—and risk not knowing what levels are being recorded?




The Padcaster is a MUCH better support for iPad.  Much more professional and would help with more mounting options for mics that use the lightning connector (which is way better than the headphone jack)