Filmmaking for Beginners: 5 Basic Elements of Film Sound


In this video, AB breaks down the five basic elements of film sound: dialogue, background or ambient sound, sound effects, Foley, and music. Did you know that most of the movies and shows you watch contain sound that wasn't recorded at the time of the shoot? Learn these and other interesting facts about filmmaking by clicking into our Audio for Video Series. Questions or comments? Send them to us just below, in the Comments section.


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This is sort of correct..he is wrong about a couple of things, which means people are learning about film/tv sound the wrong way.

There are 4 areas of post sound:

1. Dialogue (recorded on set)

2. ADR - dialogue recorded later on an ADR stage

3. Effects - this includes backgrounds (BG's).  BG's aren't separate. These sounds are recorded for the film and/or come from a library.

4. Foley - recorded on a foley stage

Music is separate and done by separate people.