Blam! Cast Slamming 'Casts with Tascam MixCast 4


Throughout the history of modern recording, Tascam has been there for countless consumers and professionals alike—and now the company has something sure to ignite in our modern digital age: the Tascam Mixcast 4, a tabletop mixer and recorder geared for the podcasting space. With sound effects, independent headphone outputs, and remote guest support via mix-minus functionality, the Mixcast 4 is perfect for multi-person panel podcasts and livestreams.

Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio interface
Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio interface

Record up to four people in person with the built-in mic pres, which accept XLR-1/4" connections for all manner of microphones. Additionally, you'll find stereo line inputs with selectable 1/4" TRS or 3.5mm TRRS connections to interface with phones and consumer devices. Pair these features with a Bluetooth input for wireless connections to phones and devices, and you'll have almost everything you need to capture audio right at your fingertips.

On to the headphone jacks: Four independently controlled headphone outputs are on hand, but that's not all; a 3.5mm TRRS headphone output mirrors headphone output 1, should you only have a headset with a 3.5mm connection on hand.

Tascam knows people also crave tactile controls. That’s why it built the Mixcast 4 with eight faders and eight sound pads—divvied into eight banks—under your fingers. With these appointments on hand, you'll feel like a consummate professional. You'll have full sound pad control for editing and triggering sound effects, and transport functionality for one-touch recording.

Record to an SD card to work without a computer if you wish. Or, route the Mixcast 4 into a compatible device for 14-in/2-out audio capture. The unit works with Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices. When you’re finished, you can export files in WAV, MP3, or MP4 formats.

With the Mixcast 4, you'll have everything you need to record a high-quality multicast podcast right away, including powerful software in Tascam’s Podcast Editor.

We’re excited about the impending arrival of yet another fantastic Tascam product in our SuperStore—but how about you? What excites you the most about the newest unit from Tascam? Let us know in the Comments section!