Audio for Wedding Videos with Adrian Toto: Wedding Photography Tips


Adrian Toto has an important piece of advice for wedding videographers: think about audio! Quality audio bridges the gap between fine art and storytelling and is imperative for a successful wedding video. Toto outlines the basic audio gear and mic setups needed to record a wedding, whether you are shooting solo or with assistants, and he mentions a few pitfalls that you can expect along the way, and how best to avoid them. His pointers are apt for a video team or anyone shooting solo, but his most practical tip—hire an assistant who is as comfortable with sound as with image.


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great points, I am shocked at how very few weddings have good audio. I learned this after my first job recording a live stage performance, nobody else noticed but I was embarrassed. I then read up on how to do it right as I am a one man band. I bought a good wireless system and pro XLR cables so I dont get cross feed and a good studio head phones. I now get there typical 1 to 2 hours before and get room noise and have the dj or audio system tested to get my base levels then white balance and so on. I do this now for every video I do, ya it takes more time. However I know what it will be like when I get back to edit no suprises. Also my customer now tell friends about the quality and thats what keeps my business going great word or audio of mouth, you cant by that. So get the right gear and a ENG camera with good audio controls and learn learn learn and dont accept 2nd best domit right or not at all.