8 Tips to Keep You Inspired as a Music Producer


Are you just starting out in music production or a seasoned music producer who needs help getting out of a creative rut? We put together 8 tips to help you improve your skills and take your production to the next level. What tips have helped you become a better music producer? Let us know in the comments below!


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Dont chase gear or programs for inspiration.

Do the opposite. Be content with the programs you have now, the hardware you have now. But try to find all the capabilities and idiosyncratic behaviors of it. If you really learn one DAW, you can carry that over to most others. It's more about learning how you can make the computer work for you and do a lot of the tedious stuff. All the DAWs are pretty similar. Only differing on commands and menu structure. Some may focus more on linear recording or loop based performance. But the rest is pretty simple.

Ditto for hardware.