Wedding Photography Tips: Your Style with Ryan Brenizer


Join Ryan Brenizer as he recommends ways to build your personal style to expand your business. His key concepts are personal and different. Brenizer suggests that you be the best you can be. How can you achieve this? Make pictures that are different from the work of other photographers, pictures that speak to particular clients, that compel your clients to want to hire you not because your photos are the same as others and you’re cheaper, but because they are unique. Create a brand—your inspiration will evolve into your own style.

Brenizer suggests that you consider particular elements when you’re creating your brand and style: technique, and how do you see the world? Weddings are not just about beauty—they are about beauty, family, and fun! Consider the clients... are they conservative? Artsy? Sophisticated? Zany? Think about your choices and show your clients what you want to sell. Try to relate to clients on a personal level, Brenizer suggests. “It’s long work, hard work, but it’s also really fun work.”

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I enjoyed viewing Mr Brenizer's Portfolio of Unique Wedding Posing & Candid Magical Moments Captured. His down to earth opinion's & reference to establishing a personal style is spot-on. I would love to access more tutorial video's to both Inspire my Creativity & motivation to better my craft. Any sugestions or info on other tutorials or testamonials by other accomplished photographer's would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Charlie you can email me at: [email protected]