Wedding Photography Tips: Lighting with Moshe Zusman


In this quick tutorial, wedding photographer Moshe Zusman talks about how he handles lighting with different tools and light shapers. He suggests using off-camera flash for more creativity; you can start with speed lights, and then advance to studio systems with light-shaping tools such as softboxes, grid diffusers, and umbrellas. For more flexibility, you can use wireless triggering systems to fire your camera and flash. Zusman likes grid diffusers on a softbox because the light is more angular and he has more control; it’s easier to balance exposures with off-camera lighting—and you get better skin tones.

The tutorial also provides advice about when to use on-camera flash (for the processional only, not during the ceremony), building a studio-lighting setup on the site (key and fill, rim lights, umbrellas, softboxes to control light, and more), making wedding party portraits, and the idea of creating “first look” portraits of the bride and groom so you won’t have to squeeze their portrait session into a 15-minute cocktail hour. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&





I entered that link into my browser, and got "Server not found." Would like to learn more. Thanks.

with my respect but this is not a tutorial


iam dinesh and am doing my event photography, recently i have an idea to take indian wedding photography but am not good with lighting kit currently i have two sungun lights which is 1000wats.and two monolights which is 369watts is that right? are else i need to go with 750watts or more for my mono light?



Hello Dinesh.  In order to best assist you with this inquiry, we ask that you please send this inquiry in an email to [email protected] and our agents there can help you determine the best set up for your needs.

This is exactlly the information that I've been looking for all week on YouTube. Thank you Moshe and thank you B&H.