Venus Optics Laowa Aurogon: Step into the World of Microphotography!


The Venus Optics Laowa Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 Supermicro APO Lens opens the door to microphotography, allowing you to use the camera gear you already have. Watch as Sam Fuller takes the camera out for a spin and shares some helpful tips for microscopic photography.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:35 - Specs and Today's Setup
  • 2:46 - More Tips
  • 3:17 - Fuller's Thoughts

Will you be adding the Laowa Aurogon to your kit? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.



I'd be interested to see you produce video of how well this lens works with manual rail focus bracketing and then a focus stacked image example.  From the examples presented in the video, it's hard to tell just what level of image quality might be obtainable in a stacked image.

This is exactly how I would want to use this lens and agree fully with Dave's suggestion. I have a Cognisys focusing rail and have had great success with it for close-ups of flowers (M<1). Am eager to try at M>1.