Travel Photography for the Jet-Set using Mirrorless Cameras, iPad and Snapseed


In this B&H Event Space video, join photographer David Brommer as he shares mirrorless camera tips and elaborates on the mobility of his iPad-based workflow. Imagine the freedom of packing all your gear—including your digital darkroom—into a small shoulder bag to carry on your next trip. Brommer’s recommendations will help you trim your kit down to the essentials. Learn techniques to achieve better travel photographs, from researching your subject in advance to determining your shooting style and how you want to present the work. Discover how to charm your subjects and build good will in advance of making pictures by incorporating a Fujifilm Instax instant camera in your process. What if you could have all your images edited and processed by the time you return home? Brommer takes you on a virtual tour of his iPad-based workflow, featuring Google’s Snapseed photo editor, to help you do just that. After watching, you will have a new appreciation for traveling light, as well as valuable insights to help transform your next vacation into a full-blown photo project.