Tips for Using Your First Ultra-Wide Lens


Are you new to the world of ultra-wide lenses? Follow along as Matt Zefi shares his favorite tips and tricks for capturing incredible images using an ultra-wide focal length lens.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:14 - What is an Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens?
  • 0:38 - Distortion
  • 1:33 - Compositions in Landscapes
  • 2:22 - Wide-Angle Portraits
  • 2:48 - Filters
  • 3:17 - Must-Know Tips

Do you shoot with ultra-wide lenses? Share your tips in the Comments section, below.



Thanks for the video; a great reminder of the basics and I picked up a few new things to be cautious of too. Yes, I would like to see a video on fisheye lenses. I have one I would use more if I had better ideas of how to use it effectively and not just as a novelty.

Hey John, thanks for your comment! We're glad you picked up a few new tips. Keep your eyes peeled, though, because we might have a video on fisheye lenses someday.

Great video. I would like to add a caution when using polarization filers on ultra wide lenses. It is most obvious if blue sky is exposed across the image, the polarization effect will not be even across the entire with of the image. As a result part of the sky will be noticeably lighter as the angle to the sun is much further than 90 degrees. This effect will be more obvious as the lens gets wider.

I have used wide angle lenses for a number of years, enough years to make me well aware of and appreciate the content of this video. The addition of a 15~35mm lens to my collection makes the points presented by Matt especially important, and useful to me.

By spending a few minutes spent watching this video, I have gained at least a couple of months of knowledge and experience. 

Thanks, Matt, I'll look forward to future videos. 

That's great, Richard! We're so glad you learned a lot from the video!

Good video thanks. What product are you using to attach your camera to the back pack? 

Thanks for answering, Jim! You're correct about the camera Matt is using.

Enjoyed this video. Great tips and well explained principles.

Thanks for your comment, Kenny, we're glad you enjoyed the video!

Really great video! What mic was used for this? It sounds so good.