The Passionate Travel Photographer with Steve Simon


It is true that travel can inspire, stimulating all your senses as you wander with your camera through new and exciting surroundings. But your ability to maintain your concentration amidst the sights, sounds and smells in exotic, often chaotic environments is one of the keys to coming away with strong images. Documentarian and Wanderer Steve Simon provides tips and techniques for the traveling photographer gleaned from adventures to more than 40 countries on six continents.


From smart planning through efficient research to tips on choosing a location, booking and keeping costs down, Steve Simon talks about what to take with you and in which camera bag, airport tips, safety & security, staying healthy on the road and hiring a guide for a shortcut to great images.


You’ll learn about strategies for photographing strangers in different cultures, ethics and model release issues as well as creating a sense of place and following the light. Steve will inspire you to tell your personal travel story by shooting landscapes, details, night scenes, food and even documenting travel itself. All this with tech tips to improve your response time and ideas for sharing your work in exciting and innovative ways.