The FUJIFILM X-T4: First Impressions and Hands-On Review


We review the latest in FUJIFILM's X Series: the FUJIFILM X-T4. Derek Fahsbender and Doug Guerra give you their first impressions of this mirrorless camera, for photography and video. Features include FUJIFILM's IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilization), an improved mechanical shutter, adjustable flip screen, DCI 4K/60p and Full HD/240p super slow-motion video, and more.


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I think it would be in the best interest of the consumer if B&H did a second impression review considering the XT-4 is now in full production. I am interested in improvements in IBIS when panning a mountain stream left to right or panning a water fall from top to bottom.

We love the idea of doing second impressions on important equipment later on in its life cycle. It has been something we discussed. The problem becomes the near endless announcement cycle from all brands, making it hard for us to revisit older stuff while newer stuff streams in. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the X-T4 and it is definitely something we will talk about.

I really like the specifications of the X-T4 but unfortunately I cannot purchase this camera system without knowing if the camera's video capability has been improved with recent firmware updates. I require a system that can pan a mountain stream left to right or pan a water fall from top to bottom smoothly without jerkiness in the results. Until these improvements are implemented I have to pass.