The Art of Sharing: From Capture to Print, with Matt Kloskowski, Sponsored by Epson


In this B&H Event Space video, Matt Kloskowski provides essential tips and techniques to help you process, print, and display your images in the best way possible. As he explains: Not all photos are created equal. Considering what you want to do with a photo should begin during the shoot itself. Follow along as he discusses points to consider while you are shooting, post-processing tips to make your files look great, the value of using printer profiles and soft proofing, and which papers will show off your prints to best effect. He also sheds light on the stuff they don’t tell you about workflow, including those sometimes-quirky printer settings to help you make the prints you envisioned at the original moment of capture. After watching, you’ll have a newfound enthusiasm for experiencing your photographs on paper, instead of on-screen, as well as the confidence that making beautiful prints is easier than you may have thought.


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