So You Want to be a Sports Photographer? - Mel DiGiacomo


Mel DiGiacomo has been a top pro for years, and gets access to events like the US Open that other photographers can only dream of (in fact, he is the only photographer in the Tennis Hall of Fame). But when budding photographers think him lucky, and ask him how they can get that same access, assuming that it is the access that drives his success, he explains the VIP access myth: It is not the access that gets him the great shots; it is his great, consistent work that gets him the access. Before you aim high you have to start small, and in this presentation, Mel will explain how to build a body of work, and your portfolio; the photographs that will get you jobs.

If Mel DiGiacomo is lucky, it is the definition of luck, ‘when opportunity meets preparation’. He is prepared, and in this presentation, the always inspirational (and entertaining) Mel will show you to get prepared yourself; how to use peewee and high school games as the learning tools that get you ready to get the shots in any conditions, to do your experimenting, to learn to truly own your equipment, because a great sports photo is a great sports photo regardless of whether it includes a celebrity or not. Mel helps you learn to be ready to take advantage of that access opportunity when it presents itself, so you can experience the thrill of photography victory, not the agony of defeat.

Mel DiGiacomo Photography