Sigma Announces Trio of Contemporary Primes for Mirrorless


Sigma has announced three primes for L and Sony E-mount cameras: the 17mm f/4 DG DN and 50mm f/2 DG DN for full-frame cameras and the 23mm f/1.4 DC DN for APS-C format cameras. All members of the Contemporary lineup, the trio pairs compact and intuitive designs with exceptional imaging.

The 17mm f/4 and 50mm f/2 become the eighth and ninth lenses to join Sigma’s illustrious I-series, cherished for their metal housing, tactile controls, and compact builds. The 17mm is the widest lens in the series, offering a focal length ideal for landscape, architecture, and travel photography. It can focus as close as 4.7 inches from subjects for creative closeups, selfies, or vlogging. An AF/MF switch allows you to change focusing modes on the lens quickly.

17mm f/4 DG DN
17mm f/4 DG DN

The 50mm offers a standard focal length well suited for portrait, food, and street photography. While not as fast as Sigma’s 50mm f/1.4 DG DN Art lens, it is considerably smaller and lighter, making it an excellent option for travel or everyday carry, and its 9-blade rounded diaphragm is no slouch for creative focusing. It becomes the fifth f/2 I-series lens and shares an arc-type AF/MF switch with its predecessors.

50mm f/2 DG DN
50mm f/2 DG DN

Both I-series lenses are powered by a stepping motor for fast and quiet autofocusing, and a tactile aperture ring. They are dust and splash resistant and come with metal lens hoods and magnetic lens caps.

Rounding out the announcement is the 23mm f/1.4, offering the equivalent of a 35mm focal length when used with an APS-C format camera. This compact, lightweight prime is an appealing choice for capturing street, landscape, architecture, and video. Like the other lenses in this release, it relies on a stepping motor for quick and accurate AF. Its optics combat flare and ghosting and allow you to get as close as ten inches from subjects. Its mount is dust and splash resistant. In addition to the L and Sony E-mount models, Sigma has teased the future release of a FUJIFILM X mount version of this lens.

23mm f/1.4
23mm f/1.4

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Happy Sony APS-C is finally getting a 23mm after nearly 10 years, thank you Sigma but also hoping for a smaller 23mm F2 version along with an 18mm F2 that can rival the offerings from Fuji and Leica CL...These lenses would sell out immediately if made. Consumers want small quality easy to carry everyday lenses to go with their small APS-C bodies. 

I would buy the 23mm for MFT. But I don't need any of those lenses for my other platforms.

I'd probably buy the 50mm f/2 DG DN today if Sigma offered it in a Canon RF mount. 

So sad Sigma can't work out a licensing deal with Canon.

I'm with you here. It's quite unfortunate that Canon doesn't allow third-party manufacturers to produce RF-mount lenses with autofocus. The first-party Canon lenses are nice, but they're expensive. Cheaper options would be much appreciated.

It's not because Sigma hasn't tried, it's because Canon has a walled garden around their new RF mount lenses. They don't want third parties (Tamron, Sigma, etc) making RF lenses so they refuse licensing.