Sculpting Facial Features with Light


Join FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC in his studio as he shares his techniques for capturing and accentuating unique facial structures. You'll learn how to create depth with light and shadow, where to position your lights in relation to your subject, and other useful tips.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:29 - Photo Shoot
  • 8:10 - Summing It All Up
  • 8:34 - Final Thoughts

Do you have any lighting tips to share? Please do so in the Comments section, below.

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We're glad you enjoyed the video, Barry!

Thank you for sharing your talent. I'm not a professional, just a grandad who loves to take pics of his grands, and your tips really did provide for me, another method of photo shooting. 

Thanks so much for your comment, Dereck. We're happy to hear you can use these tips to photograph your grandkids!