Profoto Adds AirX Technology to Flagship Pro-11 Power Pack


Profoto has unveiled the Pro-11 2400 AirTTL Power Pack, adding AirX connectivity as well as a variety of internal and external design upgrades to its flagship power pack. A familiar sight on fashion, action, and high-speed photo sets, Profoto’s power packs have earned their namesake, providing dependable, top-tier performance on some of the most demanding jobs in the photo industry. Capable of firing as fast as 1/80,000 second, the Pro-11 is equipped to capture even the most elusive subjects with ease. The addition of AirX functionality not only opens the door to wireless communication with AirX-enabled devices, but also simplifies firmware updates, making it easier than ever to ensure your gear is working at the highest possible level.

What's New?

AirX Compatibility

Adding AirX Bluetooth functionality places the Pro-11 in the company of Profoto’s most technologically advanced lighting tools and “future-proofs” its operation.

  • The AirX App can be used to adjust settings using mobile devices from a distance of up to 100 feet
  • Firmware updates can now be performed without needing to go through the hassle of a USB interface
  • Joins A10 and B10 strobes to form the basis of an AirX ecosystem
  • AirX supports all legacy Air and AirTTL equipped devices

Redesigned Exterior

The Pro-11 maintains a familiar design while implementing a number of tweaks to streamline workflow on set.

  • Bolder, brighter, easier-to-read typeface on the LCD for monitoring settings
  • Improved buttons in line with Profoto’s latest light models
  • Minor changes to user interface for adjusting settings
  • New sound cues

Upgraded Interior

A number of tweaks under the hood have been added to the Pro-11 to improve safety and performance, including:

  • Protective earth is now separated between flash circuits and logic to reduce the risk of exploding flash tubes
  • Creepage distances between high-voltage circuits and protective earth are increased to reduce risk of short circuit from internal condensation
  • Dump circuit redesign
  • New panel, flash, and power circuit boards

Taking the Best from the Pro-10

The Pro-11 shares many of the features that have made its predecessor a rental-house favorite, including its 2-outlet, 2400Ws design, 0.02-0.7s recycle times, and 11-stop power range in 1/10-stop increments. Capable of quick bursts up to 50 flashes per second, the Pro-11 can handle even the fastest subjects with ease. In addition to its built-in wireless capabilities, the Pro-11 also features a ¼" sync socket and USB port. For continuous applications, it can provide a maximum power of 2 x 500W. A fan is incorporated into its build for cooling.

Profoto Ecosystem

The Profoto name has become synonymous with the highest-quality lighting tools available to professional photographers. The Pro-11 is compatible with multiple heads and more than 120 light-shaping tools capable of producing nearly any lighting setup you can imagine. By leveraging the power of AirX, AirTTL, and Air technologies, the Pro-11 can be seamlessly integrated into existing Profoto lighting kits, adding a boost of power and the latest technology to personal and rental kits alike.

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