Photography Habits for More Interesting Photos: 5 Tips, with Deanne Fitzmaurice


Have you ever wondered, "How can I improve my photos?" Professional photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice discusses how to become a better visual storyteller, compose your photos, understand lighting, and more.

What are some of the creative habits you employ when you’re photographing? Tell us about them in the Comments section, below.



Nice video, Deanne. Your five points serve as an excellent set of reminders. I find that shooting B&W increases my awareness of the range of tonality in my images. Even in color, including least several shades between my darkest and lightest components makes for a more dynamic image. Thank you for sharing. I really love your work, especially your Iceland Landscapes.

Bill F., thanks so much for your comments and for taking the time to post. We're all pleased that you found Ms. FitzMaurice's video so helpful and inspiring.