Photo vs. Cine Lenses: Which Is Right for You?


What's the difference between cine lenses and photo lenses? Can you use your photography lens to film a video? Jabari Holder explains the pros and cons of each type of lens and shares best practices for each.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:27 – The Pros of Cinema Lenses
  • 4:13 – The Pros of Photo Lenses
  • 5:53 – Summary



We're so glad you found it helpful!

Great presentation! As someone new to the world of video, I'm still learning about the differences between cine and photo lenses. Thanks for breaking it down so well, Jabari!

We're so glad you enjoyed the video, Carlos!

Great, helpful video! Thanks for covering this topic.


Thanks for your comment, James! It's great you found it helpful

What an excellent presentation. Super informative yet concise and easy to follow. Thanks so much!

Awesome, Stephen, we're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks Jabari! I've begun to dabble in video with mirrorless cameras and your video has been so helpful in understanding the differences from a still photography mindset.

Hey Guy, thanks for your comment! We're glad you found the video helpful.