Peter Hurley: What's In Your Bag?




Peter sure a talks a lot... my friend had his headshots done by him and they sure don't look like the samples on Peter's website. He said he felt like he was being rushed the whole time so the shoot would finish early. He said Peter kept trying to call someone over and over during the shoot. Not a good experience for my friend but other people like their photos and the people on his website look good.

The only thing he pulled from that full Shape Shifter was his laptop.  Maybe the change of clothes and game pad were in there.

No change of underware? No shirts?

I call BS. He must not really go to many places and stay for more than one or two hours.


And what about that game pad? Haha

Every time I see his name listed as a photographer on the BH site I just have to laugh. To his credit though, this does show just how important the gift of the mouth is compared to talent. Party with the right person and your career is off. I remember him when he was modeling... yup... believe it or not kids... he was a model once... you'd never know by looking at him now... can you say party? See you around Peter !

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