Overcome Lighting Intimidation: 3 Point Lighting Breakdown


Join Jabari Holder in the studio as he breaks down a three-point lighting setup in less than five minutes. He explains why a basic lighting technique is perfect for interviews, talking-head shots, YouTube videos, portrait photography, and more. What is your go-to lighting setup?

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:21 - Initial Tips
  • 0:55 - Key Light
  • 2:12 - Fill Light
  • 2:41 - Hair Light
  • 2:58 - Additional Tips
  • 3:12 - The Possibilities
  • 3:49 - Final Thoughts

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I enjoyed this simple, short video on basic lighting techniques.  I'm still learning to shot with more than just an on-camera flash. 

Thanks for your comment, Joseph. We're glad you found our video helpful!