OPTIC 2019 Creating a Mobile Production Studio Built for Travel with Sofi Aldinio & Colin Boyd

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Returning for its fifth consecutive year, OPTIC 2019 was the best OPTIC yet! With our planet's environment changing at a rapid rate, the discussion was more poignant than ever. The four-day imaging event explored the inspiration, techniques, and equipment essential to capturing the great outdoors—with an emphasis on conservation.

From a professional extreme snowboarding career to producing international integrated experiences and shoots for brands, Colin Boyd brings an engaging perspective to the work he produces. Currently on a multi-year overland expedition from Maine to Argentina, in a 1978 German fire truck with his wife, Sofi Aldinio, and two young boys, Alfonso and Camilo, they are redefining what's possible as a modern family through the experiences they share with their community and meaningful branded content created on the road.
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Sofi Aldinio is an Argentinian photographer who has lived and worked around the world, honing her documentary craft. While living in Portland, Maine, she balanced clients Thule, Goal Zero, and various creative agencies with passionate personal projects sharing refugee stories on their journey to Maine. She is now on an overlanding expedition to Argentina with her partner, Colin Boyd, and two young sons, Alfonso and Camilo, in a 1978 German fire truck, working with brands and publications to share experientially created content.

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