On the MOVE with Innovative New Products from Manfrotto


Tripod manufacturer Manfrotto and the word “innovation” are synonymous, since the company is constantly creating products that allow photographers and videographers more versatility when it comes to buttressing gear with tripods and support systems. While some companies focus on upgrading things like twist locks or introducing new tripod leg colors, Manfrotto is busy giving users an entirely new level of interoperability. Its innovative MOVE ecosystem is designed to allow for easy customizing of tripod heads, gimbals, sliders, and more.

Along with splashing the market with the MOVE system, Manfrotto has released a few other awesome products—a gimbal head, new ball head, and a Gim-Pod—that we discuss below, after first diving into the MOVE ecosystem.


To support the three key pillars of versatility, modularity, and fast setup, the MOVE system can be added to existing Manfrotto gear, so that customers already using Manfrotto equipment can migrate into the new ecosystem.

At the heart of the MOVE ecosystem is a new type of “baseplate.” No, not a quick release baseplate for a tripod head, but a baseplate that attaches below the tripod head atop a set of legs, a gimbal, a slider, an arm, a monopod, or anything with a ¼"-20 or 3/8"-16 screw, to allow rapid changing of heads, accessories, and more. It is basically a female socket that attaches to a screw and rigidly accepts a compatible male plug mounted on the bottom of a tripod head, camera, or other accessory. Manfrotto has moved the “QR” plate below the tripod head to allow fast swapping of gear atop multiple rigs.

To attach your gear, simply drop the plug into the MOVE base, and you are finished. To release, twist the ring on the base and remove. The socket’s X-lock system can be tightened to keep everything in place if extra stability is needed.

Users can shoot stills from a MOVE-equipped tripod with a mounting unit connected to the bottom of a tripod head. If you want to switch to a video rig, slider system, or other accessory, simply twist and remove the tripod head and drop in the new mounting unit-equipped accessory on top of the tripod with the MOVE base—no need to unscrew the tripod head and then screw in a second accessory.

MOVE is available now as a kit with a base and mounting unit, or you can get the base and mounting unit plate separately to expand your new ecosystem infinitely. Additionally, there is a gimbal mounting unit plate that allows 15° of tilt when needed.

MH496-Q6 Ball Head

Designed for lighter-weight mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and other compact systems, the new MH496-Q6 ball head is ideally suited to Manfrotto’s travel tripods, such as the Befree and 055 families of supports, as well as Syrp sliders and motion controls.

MH496-Q6 Ball Head
MH496-Q6 Ball Head

Based on the design of the Manfrotto 496 Center Ball Head with 200PL-PRO Quick Release Plate, this new ball head has a more traditional Arca-type-compatible Top Lock System twist screw instead of the flip latch of the older model head.

Yet, like the original ball head, you still get an independent panoramic knob and integrated friction control at the main knob.

Gim-Pod and Accessory Connector for GimBoom

Is it possible to turn a carbon fiber boom into a tripod and add accessories? Manfrotto says, “Yes!”

The new GimBoom Accessory Connector and Gim-Pod kit (which includes the Accessory Connector) attach to the Manfrotto FAST GimBoom Carbon Fiber boom in a seamless fashion that does not greatly increase the dimensions of the boom itself.

Gim-Pod Kit
Gim-Pod kit

The Gim-Pod kit allows you to convert the GimBoom to a tripod with three-section retractable legs, and the Accessory Connector’s Easy-link connector allows the attachment of any 3/8"-16 threaded accessory such as the Manfrotto 244 Micro Friction Arm Kit.

Now, creatives can add one or the other to their GigBoom to increase its flexibility and stability.

Modular Gimbal MVG300XM

The new Manfrotto Modular Gimbal MVG300XM brings, as the name implies, modularity and flexible configurations to a hard-working gimbal system. Designed to be an essential part of the MOVE ecosystem, this modular unit is designed for both DSLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and is compatible with the GimBoom collection and the new Manfrotto MOVE .

Manfrotto Modular Gimbal MVG300XM
Manfrotto Modular Gimbal MVG300XM

The modular design features removable handles, remote control, and a removable base mini tabletop tripod. Enhanced electronic controls make it easier to set up shooting points and control your camera position. The handles and gimbals feature internal batteries for extended power, with up to 10 hours of use.

Innovation Galore

What do you think about these innovative new releases from Manfrotto? Are you ready to make the move to the MOVE system, or add legs to your carbon fiber GigBoom? Connect with us in the Comments section, below!



Highlighting the MOVE system as "innovative" is odd as Zhiyun has had a similar system for years. And at a much lower price. I have 3 sets of them and they work very well. 

well done in copying Zhiyun system! 
this system was already used in their gimbal system, so, no, it's not a Manfrotto invention.