Off Camera Lighting Tips, with JB Sallee


Wedding photographer JB Salle shares some tips regarding off-camera lighting and how to use strobes effectively. He discusses lighting techniques that mimic the sun when there isn't enough natural light, as well as how to use a reflector to separate the subject from the backdrop. There are a lot of useful nuggets of information in this video, so watch this video! For even more, come back and peruse our comprehensive video library.



Would be good to include a list of the lighting products mentioned in this video. 

Allen, JB Sallee's image use a wide variety of different product types. For image with strobes, the most common lights would be Profoto's monolights. The B10 makes an appearance in the background and there are a ton of Profoto Light Modifiers that would be used for different looks. Sorry we don't have more details on each individual image.

Do you ever make it up to Anchorage, AK? GREAT video!!!