Off Camera Lighting for Portraiture and Fashion

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Learn how to light any situation! In this video, Moshe Zusman teaches you how to move beyond natural light and embrace the beauty of combining flash and ambient light to make the perfect engagement or portrait shot. Even the most challenging, darkest locations can become vibrant backdrops with the help of some key techniques and tricks. Learn the secrets behind creating beautiful, dramatic light in any location. This video outlines the basics, and demystifies the dreaded dark hours, while demonstrating Profoto lights. Learn how to get the shots you want—every time. Your clients will thank you.


Hoping to see the video!

tell me how to use speedlight.

We have various tutorials on using flashes on our Youtube channel.  You might check some of those out.  We also carry many books about lighting.  Otherwise, if you have some specific questions, feel free to send an email with your inquiry,

Im interested in create great shout with limited resource light