Night Photography with National Parks at Night

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Delve deep into the many aspects of Night Photography with five of the leading experts in this field. Gabriel Biderman, the “guru of gear,” goes over the “Essential Tools” you need to capture successful shots once the sun goes down.

Next, Chris Nicholson discusses strategies for “Researching and Scouting” national park photography locations. Learn how to build a plan that gives you structure and leads to the most productive and enjoyable shoot possible.

Then, Lance Keimig leads you through the darkness and mystery of night photography by shedding light on what makes a stellar night shot and how to “Provide Visual Distinction.”

Tim Cooper takes your night visions to new vistas with his “Light Painting” lecture: best practices, creative use, and being selective with what you reveal and hide.

Finally, Matt Hill inspires you to see beyond the sameness by “Applying Your Visual Fingerprint.” Hill will push you to dig deeper and create something unique when you visit a well-known place.

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