New From Nomatic x Peter McKinnon: The LUMA Camera Collection


Nomatic just announced the LUMA Camera Collection, a series of backpacks and slings designed to meet the needs of every photographer. Offering an attractive blend of form and function, this Nomatic x Peter McKinnon collaboration is making its retail debut here at B&H.

LUMA Camera Collection

LUMA Camera Collection

The LUMA collection departs from the previous McKinnon collab with new 18L, 12L, and 9L sizes and a variety of refreshing color options. All three bags feature external attachment points and customizable dividers to organize and adjust however you please. Each bag also has a quick-access pocket and an integrated luggage pass-through for optimal working and traveling convenience.

18L Backpack
12L Sling
9L Sling

The 18L backpack is slim and compact, with three different access points on the top, sides, and bottom. External features include an integrated tripod boot and a sleek magnetic water bottle pocket. Internally, users are afforded laptop storage, zippered pockets, and adjustable dividers to accommodate and compartmentalize a variety of accessories.

18L Backpack

The 12L and 9L slings feature internal zippered pockets and adjustable dividers like the 18L backpack. Both slings, notably, are built with sturdy metal frames to maintain their shape. The wide zippered lid enjoys an additional magnetic quick-closure system for maximum efficiency. This satisfying perk is sure to appeal to photographers who are constantly reaching into their camera bag during a shoot.

12L and 9L Slings

Are you excited about the LUMA Camera Collection? What is your must-have feature in a camera bag? Let us know in the Comments section, below.