Matting & Framing: Finishing Your Fine Art Prints


You’ve put all your effort and artistic vision into capturing an image, post-processing it to perfection and printing it on a luscious fine art paper. One final hurdle and you can hang that print proudly on a gallery wall!

In this presentation, award-winning photographer and Moab Master photographer, Les Picker, will walk you through the last stages before displaying your print: matting and framing.

Whether you intend to do this yourself, hire a local framing shop, or simply order the pieces online and assemble them in your home or studio, Picker covers the basics. He describes the matting and framing process from soup to nuts, and showcases new and innovative display options such as open frames. Picker offers tips, suggestions, and time-saving techniques for getting you gallery-ready.

Illustrated and on display are framing supplies, samples, and framed prints. You may visit Picker’s work here.