Love of the Craft: Brent Eysler


B&H is more than just a retailer—we’re a community of creative professionals including award-winning photographers and musicians, accomplished digital artists and cinematographers, and other skilled creators from diverse artistic backgrounds.

Street photographer Brent Eysler is a master storyteller. He draws inspiration from the people of New York City, photographing them in black-and-white to capture, truly, their essence and soul. When he’s not out and about in New York, Eysler works in the Used Department at B&H, where his encyclopedic knowledge of all things gear helps educate and inform our customers. You can learn more about Eysler and his love of street photography in this video, and be sure to check out B&H’s “For the Love of the Craft,” a series of short documentaries that highlight some of our talented employees, as well as our extensive video library.