Leica Stories: In Conversation with Stephen Vanasco


From skate and street photography to fine art and portraiture, east coast to west coast, and fresh from capturing the stunning aerial image of South L.A. used in this year’s iconic big game halftime show, Stephen Vanasco has spent the last two decades ahead of the photography curve. We sit down with Vanasco to talk about his far-reaching body of work and the creative process behind it all. Join us for more stories from the industry’s most dynamic minds.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 4:33 – Vanasco’s L.A. Inspirations
  • 14:06 - Why Use Leica?
  • 22:27 - How Vanasco Got Started in Photography
  • 32:08 - Working with Evidence and Taking on Different Jobs
  • 39:13 - Printing and Workflow
  • 47:15 - Photographing New Subject Matter
  • 49:46­ - Workflow
  • 58:15 - Working On the Big Game Halftime Show
  • 1:03:20 - Final Question

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Fantastic interview with great insights and search for the truth. Thank you for that! 

Thanks for your comment, Raphael! We're glad you enjoyed the interview.