How to Photograph the Moon


When it comes to moon photography, you might have many questions. How do you prepare for a moon photo shoot? What camera settings should you use? What gear do you need? Maria answers all these questions as she shows you how to photograph the moon!


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I liked your short video made from the time lapse sequence of the moon rising behind the skyline. I noticed that the moon was overexposed as a result of exposing for the skyline. I also noticed that you used exposure bracketing on your shots. Have you tried to make a time lapse that is properly exposed for the background/skyline and the moon?

Good videos Maria! I'm trying to do a trip to Mackinac Island in Michigan, a Dark Sky area, to shoot astro this fall. PS-don't forget the accent mark on the first "e" of your last name (Option-e-e), it's my second last name (in the Spanish tradition). It's Pérez (so that baseball announcers and Modelo commercials call us PE-rez, and not "Pu-REZ")! OK, soapbox done! ;-)

Thank you for the great information on moon shots.  Keep up the great work.