How Does the Panasonic S1R Perform in the Studio and on the Street?


Panasonic made a huge jump with the full-frame S Series. Watch here as B&H’s Frank Multari explores the potential of the Lumix S1R in studio situations and out on the street. He tackles various topics, including handling, autofocus performance, lenses, resolution, and much more. Multari also shows off numerous sample images captured with the high-resolution camera. Be sure to check back at for more informational videos and additional videos on the Panasonic S Series.



Seems like it was designed for low lighting and flash is not needed as much. 

Its a shame Panasonic didn't think this camera would be used by photographers who actually need and depend on Flash. The S1R is totally incapable of shooting anything more than one  single shot at a time with flash.It was designed this way.