Gimbal Heads for Wildlife Photography: Benefits and Best Practices


Want tack-sharp wildlife photos or an easier way to hold your telephoto lens? Whether you're photographing birds or bears, gimbal heads are a great accessory to level up your photography game and your game photography. In this tutorial, Matt Zefi shows you how to balance a gimbal head, and demonstrates its use in the field.

Do you use a gimbal head to level your wildlife photos? Have you never used one and are interested now? Discuss, in the Comments section, below.

  • 0:00 - Why Gimbal Heads?
  • 1:00 - How to Balance a Gimbal Head
  • 3:19 - Real World Scenario
  • 4:43 - Final Thoughts


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Strange front picture: lens is camo but photographer dressed in red...
Hope than the video content is more insightful!