FUJIFILM Adds an Ultra-Fast 50mm f/1 Lens to X Series


Open wide! FUJIFILM has finally released its fastest lens to date, the XF 50mm f/1 R WR. Perfect for achieving crisp subject–background separation and well equipped to conquer low-light environments, this 76mm-equivalent lens is ideal for portrait, event, and street photographers.

The optical construction of the 50mm f/1 consists of 12 elements arranged in nine groups. This includes one aspherical element and two extra-low dispersion (ED) elements, which work together to reduce various distortions and aberrations, producing sharp and accurate images. A Super EBC coating is also featured, to reduce ghosting and flare, as well as to improve contrast when working in challenging lighting environments.

Bokeh enthusiasts will appreciate this fast prime’s rounded nine-bladed aperture when shooting wide open. Also, a minimum focusing distance of 2.3 feet ensures you can get close enough for tight portraits.

A weather-resistant housing protects against inclement weather, too, so you can work outdoors without fear. Finally, the 50mm f/1 is 1.9 lb so it won’t weigh you down too much. A lens hood is included, and this lens takes 77mm filters.

How would you take advantage of FUJIFILM’s fastest lens? Let us know in the Comments section, below.



I have little doubt this is an outstanding lens. The article doesn't mention when it would be available. The price is quite steep. I would consider ordering one if there were an introductory offer though.

Expected availability - shipping will begin Fri Sep 25

Ordered mine on September 10th....it is now November 21st...Still waiting...

Wow what a great looking lens . Fujifilm has been in need of some ultra fast glass for the apsc . 
The price seems pretty reasonable for such fast glass . In ff an f/1.0 would really be expensive. But still an f/1.2 in ff is probably the equivalent or f/1.4ish . So those for the Nikon/Canon Camp is a 2k + lens . 
the images in the video looked great. 

Sure it's an excellent lens, Fujifilm makes great glass.  But at that price I'd like to see a focus limiter or some other features aside from the staggering f1 to justify the price.