Food Photography: Lighting and Compositional Basics

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Along with numerous examples of his gorgeous work, renowned food photographer Andrew Scrivani discusses the core components of good food photography and how to induce the emotions that food arouses. He talks of light play, props, using a darker palette to help colors pop, infusing process shots with artistry, and the importance of telling a story—and selling emotion—with your photographs. Scrivani also invites us to see his work environment and makes clear that with a very basic setup, good styling, and the freedom of handheld shooting, you can create mouth-watering images. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at


Great video! Very inspiring and useful! Thank you!

I learned so much from this video. It really gave me a lot more to think about for the next time I photograph food.

Great information that was presented well and taught me a lot. Thank you

Very helpful.Thank you so much.

You should stop using Flash for you videos....even Facebook & YouTube is moving away from flas

I've been wanting to photograph some of my own cooking with recipes just for fun and to ad to my Social media pages. If I can apply these suggestions, it will help make them more appetizing, and why.