Digitizing Your 35mm Film and Slides with the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai Film Scanner


We take a look at the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai Film Scanner. Whether you’re currently shooting film or want to archive past photos, this photo scanner allows you to easily view and edit your 35mm negatives and mounted slides on a computer. The included SilverFast 8 is a professional-grade scan software that provides you with a powerful tool for scanning, editing, and color reproduction.

Do you shoot 35mm? Have you been wanting to digitize your film and slides? Tell us how you see the OpticFilm fitting into your workflow in the Comments, below.



Note, the video is incorrect @4:24 where it states the Plustek OptiFilm 8200i comes with 3 IT8 calibration slides. It only comes with a single IT8 calibration slide. The 8300i model  comes with the IT8 Part 2 3-slide set.

Definitely at the top of my list. What I want is a digital scan worthy of enlargements and publishing as well as simple dropbox archiving for family to view on computer.  Recently clearing up my mothers estate I brought home some 12K - 35mm slides spanning '62 to '97 of my dad's along with 1000's of feet of 8mm spanning from mid-50's to mid 70's. A lot of history to be shared here with family and the world.   The versatility, ease and space are what attracts me. Now to research 8mm conversion.

We're pleased that you have found a scanner that will work for your needs to digitize all those family memories, John T. Thanks for reading, and for posting your comment!

Hi, I shoot film and walk in the room with my Nikon F5 like a boss! The rookies look at me in awe when I tether two F5s together and shoot runners faces and feet at the finish line at the same time. I might look into this scanner. I like to use film shots in photoshop on occasion. Clean, sharp scans are always welcome.

Yes, I shoot 35mm! For the first time by myself on my slides in Black and White!!! I Love selecting my own images in Black & White Film and put it into Slides!!! I Love It!!!  

Well, James M.C., we appreciate your excitement, and many of us at B&H feel the same way about digitizing our film images, as well as converting color to black-and-white when appropriate. Thanks for your input!