Concentrate on the Picture: An Afternoon With George Diebold and His Images


Become a better photographer by concentrating on what you’re shooting. George Diebold’s lecture consists of a visual presentation of his images, as well as a discussion on how he works, how he generates ideas, and how he uses color and composition to create pictures. This informal interaction with the audience draws upon his career, based here in New Jersey, as well as Hawaii, shooting for corporations, creating stock photography, and doing fine art work.

Any serious photographer, especially students who intend to pursue a career in photography, should benefit from this presentation. Unlike other technically slanted presentations, Diebold intends to concentrate more on finding images, seeing images that already exist, and bringing ideas to completion. He also discusses the importance of creating a personal signature style. Although he answers any technical question as best he can, this presentation is definitely not about the computer or software applications. Ideally, he would like viewers to end the video with a greater understanding of discovering the visuals that already exist all around them.


About George Diebold

George Diebold is a successful, working photographer whose unique style of dramatic lighting, intense color, and meticulous attention to detail has won him global recognition. For more than three decades, his imagery has captured the attention of designers, galleries and museums around the United States. Formally educated as an interior designer and trained by one of Life magazine’s foremost illustrators, Diebold is captivated by what he calls “Hidden America," comprising the people, places, and things that are a reflection of his ongoing fascination with the American West, man-made objects, and the ocean.

Since opening his first photography studio in 1978, Diebold has worked for hundreds of international clients, including Sony, AT&T, Novartis, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Pentagram Design. Additionally, among others, his prints have been purchased by Kellogg Co., General Motors, Morgan Stanley, Lynx Systems and 21st Century 3-D, as well as numerous private collectors. George Diebold’s work is part of the permanent collection of American Landscapes at the Montclair Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, and The Nelson Atkins Museum. His images have been featured in Graphis International, Communication Arts, and Studio Photography. Diebold lives in New Jersey with his wife, Lisa. When he's not shooting in his East Coast studio, George Diebold is on the road or in Hawaii, where he maintains another studio on the island of Kauai.